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Here is how we can stop corruption in Durban, We should declare our independence. Opinion.

This thought has probably never crossed your mind before, however I'm about to tell you why Durban should declare it's independence and become it's not open Country. One that functions freely of the Rest of South Africa and one that has its own Government. You may think it's crazy but I believe it's completely logical. This is why.

We have everything we need :

Durban is a coastal area. Meaning that we have the import and export trade right at our fingertips. Instead of just being a part of South Africa we can control a lot of what comes in and out of it. This means we can dictate the prices of import and export and decide what resources come and what resources leave. This will leave us with a large income to fund our new and independent Country.

Durban also has its own manufacturing sector and areas dedicated to manufacturing. This means that we can make a lot of the stuff we need right here and supply other areas in South Africa as well as ourselves. If we make the product and have little competition we can charge Whatever we want for it.

Even more important is that Durban is a huge tourist attraction, people come from all over the world to stay on holiday here. We have a huge source of income from this two. With these three Sources of income we can free ourselves from the rest of the Country and it's corruption. Leaving us as a self Sustaining Country, that makes its own rules.

While it's just an idea, I do believe that it's a real and solid way to free us from the corruption and economic problems that the rest of the Country is facing. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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