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OPINION| It seems like ActionSA is a true definition of crisis itself

ActionSA problems in KZN epitomize the state of black politics across the country it's quite difficult to find ethical, selfless, talented and trustworthy black leadership material to help build ethical political parties and social movements these days. It's as if everyone who raises their hand to lead has inherited ANC genes greed, gatekeeping, jealousy and careerism permeate black politics like a dread virus. That is the number one reason black leadership is not rising to the occasion to deal with the myriad of crises plaguing the nation, the ANC is collapsing because the hearts of leaders are in the wrong place I identified these tendencies in COPE when we were campaigning in 2008/9 the new leaders had not repented from their evil ANC ways, they brought the values of the ANC into the new formation. The new wine tore up the old skin bags we cannot build a new ethical society with ANC culture, it's impossible the problem with ACTION SA is that they are looking for Black leadership only during the LGE we had tried to approach them and it was a mission finally got a hold of them and ended up with disputes with the Chief in KZN, so full of herself it was only later that Action SA realised she was not good for businessThey lack proper leadership throughout and they need to become a non racial party if they want to succeed, the ANC has never succeeded to rid racialism and tribalism from it's culture and since Zuma campaigned as 100% Zulu boy, we see a strong swing towards Zulu chauvinism among ANC members and broader black politics in KZN, it has since poisoned politics in that province the growth of corruption and factionalism adds what has become a toxic cocktail, then you have assassinations to boot. No party or social organizations can not b affected, just as COPE wasn't immune to the toxic environment it is going to be doubly difficult to cleanse the critical mass needed, to grow a movement for clean government

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