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After the speech of the presidents assistant teachers were left with no answers due contract opinion

Many of assistant teachers were left with no answers due to they are contracts . That weather their will be extended or not so that they can start to look same where else . Many of them are confused now and cant plan for the future because the is no clear answer to them . Being unemployed is not good at all and the worse part is that they are used to getting same thing every month end . The stipend of R3500 has help them a lot with they are families during this hard time .

The president was expected to give them update based on they are contracts . But that was not a case and it was not even mentioned at all . Or may be it was too early to update the nation based on this matter . The worse part is that we do not know that he will speak again this month or not . The reality is that we still need this assistants by all means at the moment .

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