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OPINION: Can we Take This as South Africa's Nation Anthem or Empty Promises ?

We must be honest to ourselves now, SA can't be run under Political power centralism. Let the people go on a referendum in order to decide on the autonomous provinces. It has been proven that an absolute power controlled by National Assembly majoritarian madness is not taking us anywhere

We must first demobilize that madness in the so-called parliament, and put in place a lean national executive structure that oversees the functions of the provinces. Handing over an absolute power to one political party delivers the current political madness and idiocy we are witnessing today. Many people keep telling me about the constitution, forgetting that even the Bible was once amended. This will free South Africa and save the future of our children and their children

So many people are dying in Africa because of hunger, wars, polluted water due to mining, and many other bad conditions. Out of the blue now the west is trying to save Africa from the man-made virus and donating vaccines. The wealthy cabal once met to discuss the fastest growing population of the continent. We still have some African leaders who are not completely fooled by this evil force, may African people stay alert and awake

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