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OPINION | President Cyril Ramaphosa has a valid point on this one

I thought Cyril is going to lead SA into greener pastures the time he got into that comfortable chair, unfortunately the little that people had on their hands has now gone just on a short period of his governance. Again I listened to his statement condemning sanctions on Zimbabwe's collapsing economy, he is also a suspect in all these political and looting of state funds in Zimbabwe, how can he blame sanctions whereas his friends (zanupf) are looting the state and failing to control the economy, why can't he ask Mnangagwa why there are sanctions in Zimbabwe? Africa is very rich its self but is being destroyed by its leaders by thieving, mismanagement and being greedy to their fellow citizens after all they need votes from them, that's badSanctions must be coming to South Africa after they denied to renew the Zimbabwean permits now they are crying faul. Where do Aouth Africa wants to go if they don't need foreigners, yes travel ban was good idea. If it was vice versa and Southern Africa could have restricted European flights into Africa, do you think Boris Johnson or Joe Biden could have complained over that, it's high time we stop 'worshipping' Europe. This is the same guy who was banning travellers from UK , EU and USA in the early days of pandemic. Now he is complaining like a spoiled child, did he hear us complaining at all. Our boarder where never closed at the beginning of the pandemic we have learnt from themI think his reasoning was the fact that UK, France, Germany, US and most of the countries from the West are the main source of the tourists that flock to SA. Without them, the tourism industry which suffered immensely for the past two years due to the pandemic will crumble. Trust me, I'm working in this industry here in SA and we are bleeding, It's not easy to stay afloat as a business without income. As for Rwanda and Angola, he will still need to call for them to remove the travel ban

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