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"IN 2024 ANC Will Crash, Cyril Will Be Removed" EFF Top Leader Hits Out

As the African National Congress is heading to its national conference where new leadership of the top six will be elected, there is so much uncertainty as to who will drive the party in the right direction.

Former Finance minister, Tito Mboweni once used an expression of a sinking ship to describe the direction which the ANC is heading.

Several speculations have it that the party's national conference scheduled for December is most likely going to be chaotic due to the ongoing factional tensions. The situation will be worsened by the fact that some comrades from different factions have been for the longest time insulting each other on social media platforms, and in December when they see each other eye to eye they are most likely going to ignite the feud.

Economic Freedom Fighters former Member of Parliament, Fana Mokoena said if it happens that Cyril Ramaphosa is elected at ANC conference, he will come under fire and be removed. He adds that in 2024 the ruling party will be reduced to nothing more than just a coalition government with rural votes and will no longer have the power to do anything.

"In 2024 ANC will become an ordinary component of a coalition government with rural votes, and have no power to do anything. Ramaphosa, if elected in December, will come under fire and removed. If on the other hand RET is elected, factional crises will be deepened and ANC will crash," he said.


Commenting on the topical issue of Cyril Ramaphosa's leaked audio talking about the ANC's abuse of state funds, the EFF leader and Scandal actor said it's an open secret that ANC uses state funds. He said that has been ongoing for a long time, but now the chickens have come home to roost.

"But it’s a well known fact that the ANC uses state resources to fund their organisation. Hence they started having financial problems once the EFF took their cash cows, Johannesburg and Tshwane from their mouths back in 2016. We knew it would cripple them," he said.


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