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OPINION| John Steenhiusen Was Happy When Mr Cliff Said All Those Racist Things

The thing that made me livid was that Mr Steenhuisen was happy and all smitten when Mr Cliff said all those things. He didn't even try to reprimand Mr Cliff, infact he endorsed Mr Cliff's remarks. By the way, Mr Steenhuisen is supposed to be the leader who unites us all. Black people should move away from white political parties, this proves everything 

Normal South Africans must terminate DA. Whites have never loved black people completely. Vote DA in power and see the true colors of ehite people, you think that they love you because they want your votes. I applaud Nandos just like Idols, they don’t want to be labeled racist by associationMr John you just smiled your votes away and you get my mampara of the week vote! I expected so much better from you and a public figure vying for the highest office in the land. I’m so disappointed that you just smile when Gareth is dismissing the woman’s racial experience. This is what most black women is South Africa go through on a daily basis, in the work places nobody to defend and stand up for them. You missed an opportunity to show you are a true defender of black people and most importantly black women, you couldn’t even try to sympathize with the woman, you just smile like it’s a jokeI’m disappointed because had you called out Gareth right there you would have sent a strong message, to other white folks that you can reject behaviors with racial connotations even it’s not directed at you, you don’t just smile. And so they fall but they never learn. I hope Steenhuisen and the DA's mouthpiece, the IRR will help him find a new sponsor. Let me go grab myself an extra hot Nando's peri-peri chicken. Nando’s is a money making business they will not compromise on their bottom line and reputation. They have followed the proper protocols of brand marketing, you always remove yourself from controversy

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