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Prophecy See What Popular Prophet Said About Ramaphosa Health He is Ticking Time Bomb

President Cyri Ramaphosa is one of South Africa's few presidents to have presided over the country's most difficult period. At first, the corona virus was suspected. The corona outbreak wiped devastated South Africa's economy altogether. As a result of the epidemic, humans were obliged to avoid contact with one another, and many companies were impacted. Since last year, Cyril has been forced to put the country on lockdown after lockdown in order to preserve lives.

As if the pandemic wasn't enough, Ramaphosa has been presented with yet another catastrophe.

Violent protests erupted following Jacob Zuma's imprisonment for violating the court. Zuma was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Ramphosa, according to Mzansi, committed the biggest blunder by imprisoning Zuma. Many people dislike him as a result, and a protest dubbed #Ramaphosa Must Fall is being planned.

The protests, which culminated in looting, have had a significant impact on the country's economy.

Malls were bulldozed, while other businesses were forced to permanently close their doors.

After a prophecy about Ramphosa was released, a well-known Prophet Mzansi expressed alarm. Ramaphosa, according to the man, is in poor health.

Ramaphosa, according to the prophet, is suffering from a stroke and will be unable to perform simple things like raising his hands.

In the prophecy, he also says that the family would keep this a secret from the rest of the country and seek medical help elsewhere.

The Prophet asserts that all of his prophecies come true, despite the fact that this is a significant prophecy with major allegations.

Ramphosa, he stated, requires prayers to prevent this from happening.

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