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OPINION| Here is the guy fueling fights between South Africa and foreigners from Zimbabweans

The president of Zimbabwe and his ruling party ZANUPF are saying that foreigners are not allowed to operate in reserved areas, the Head of Public Diplomacy in South Africa Clayson Monyela asked Zimbabweans if they understood what this meant. On Monday evening Hopewell will talk about this, how politicians are playing nationalism politics due to failed economies. To what extend will ZANUPF’s policies influence the ANC’s decisions on Zimbabwe Visas ~ H Chin'ono

All sectors of the economy must be open so that customers can have choice and competitive prices. If you monopolize to locals only eg fuel distribution, you will face rampant corruption and mediocre service like what Tagwirei is doing, Imagine in Zim if Sakunda was competing with Caltex or BP it was going to be exciting. We need jobs even we get employed but a foreigner or local we don't care, Mnangagwa should be honest enough to say Chinese people and Zanu PF looters should be the first to benefit from our economic growthPeople must not over react on this issue yhe fact that Zimbabwean people who are in South Africa go back home does not change anything in Zimbabwe, I do believe this strategy that opposition parties in Zimbabwe especially their leadership, believe if people suffer a lot the they will surely vote for them had failed and will always fail. These Zimbabwean people in South Africa are just like any other foreign national in any country in the world, despite their political affiliations. Who told Hopewell that if they come home they will surely vote for Chamisa, these people are in South Africa for better working environment and it's because of both Mnangagwa and Chamisa so please let those people select themselves, from the useless political issues in Zimbabwe voting is optional no one can be forced to vote

This guy Hopewell Chin'ono is fueling fights between Zimbabwe n neighbouring countries so that pple will chased away in those countries, and his agenda of voting registration will be achieved because he is campaigning for Nelson Chamisa

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