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Bonnie Mbuli Attacks Jacob Zuma's Daughter

Dudu Zuma has been on seen on twitter praising the #FreeJacobZuma protests even those of people causing damage to property.

Her reaction to these videos posted on twitter angered many and they said how she is promoting violence.

She tweeted a video of multiple cars on fire with the caption, "Mooi Plaza... We Notice You!!! Amandla!!! #FreeJacobZuma.

When Bonnie Mbuli saw this she responded by telling Dudu that there is nothing to celebrate about seeing the destruction of other people's belongings, there is nothing Amandla about it, it is despicable.

"How can you applaud for disruption of someone's property? The same mess you are cheering up for will create a lot of uncertainties for the same people you are encouraging! These companies will have to recover those assets probably some will lose their jobs" said another twitter user

Is Former President Jacob Zuma's Daughter encouraging violence? Comment down below

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