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ANC led by Cyril suspended this whistleblower Mervyn Dirks, see what SA says

Zondo recommended that Members of Parliament who blow the whistle on corruption must be protected from purging by their parties. ANC led by Ramaphosa suspended this whistleblower. 

Purging MPs who blow the whistle is State Capture. What exactly did he whistle blow about? He didn't release the recording, he did nothing besides write a letter to Scopa. 

This is not a whistle-blower he is a factionalism, Factionalism is a crime in South Africa? Since when? Show the chapter & verse. Every big political party in a democracy will have factions. There is right wing, centrist & left wing at a minimum in every party. You just parrot anything stratcom gives you to say without thinking. But he is not a whistle-blower he is for factional politics whatever he did it was for of his faction before read my tweet please, You are a mind reader I'm not. Il will never pretend to know why someone did anything because I can't read minds. That said, if what he claimed is true the motive is irrelevant. Whether you kill for love or hate you are still a murder, Gerrit? 

Don't credit Marwyn Dirks with evidence given to the State Capture Commission by SSA Acting DG Loyiso Jafta and other Intelligence officials that is mischievous. We really need to understand the term whistleblower, what does it mean. You can't be part and parcel of the wrongful activities, thereafter when you're being purged you quickly become a whistleblower. In SA two people committing crime and other snitch on his accomplices, he is referred the whistle-blower. Yes, I believe so. There was that Eskom attorney who blew the whistle, yet was still fired after a disciplinary hearing. The gentleman did not blow the whistle, he is simple laid a charge on the matter that was already in public. The NEC meeting clip. That is not whistleblowing, You call this thing a whistleblower, he did not provide any substance. I doubt you understand the meaning of a whistleblower. This thing is fighting Jacob Zuma's battles. This is just a political tool by used to push an agenda, give him EFF membership & see if the Chief there would tolerate such nonsense.


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