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Racism: Video of a man wearing Ndebele tradition kicked out of the Clicks store in Boulders

Image: Source Twitter

Content by Bongiwe Shange

Thando Mahlangu today reports her bad experience at Clicks store in Midrand Boulders centre.

It's alleged she was forcefully kicked out of the shop while he was about to do his shopping when the centre manager enters the shop. It's human rights month but people are abused and their rights are not observed.

The video goes viral and clicks store is blamed of disgrace.

People commented on the post and they don't feel the same way. This is taken from Twitter.

@Zikhona The guy says "this is my mall". While the incident is taking place inside @Clicks_SA

store I don't think is entirely fair to put the blame on Clicks. I think it could have taken place in any shop in that mall of his.

@Steven F*** that, Muslims wear those curtains and no one says they are naked underneath, now this is a problem? Why?

@Debig Same rubbish that ANC is failing to end since 1994. Same rubbish that had been normalised, and same rubbish that ANC ministers are neglecting in the name of corruption and poor service delivery to the country. SAME RUBBISH!

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