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Watch: South African Billionaire Rob Hersov Misleading People? (Opinion)

South African Billionaire Rob Hersov Misleading People? (Opinion). 

Rob Hersov is known as a South African billionaire who usually has a say in South African politics. He is one of the people who are known for disrespecting and ridiculing the South African government. 

Among other people, Hersov has been calling for the end of lockdown and the lifting of the national state of disaster. Yesterday he posted a video saying that the pandemic is over. He burnt his mask as a way to show that the pandemic is over and Ramaphosa must announce the end of this pandemic. 

Lockdown restrictions have cost us a lot. We cannot deny the jobs that have been lost and the economy that has since been declining further because of the lockdown restrictions. We want life to go back to normal. 

While we want things to go back to normal, we may not forget the lives that have been lost due to Covid. People still continue to die and listening to Hersov, especially concerning getting rid of our masks is the biggest mistake we can do. 

Rob Hersov is a billionaire in South Africa. The guy is worth $6 million dollars. If Rob or his family members were to get ill, they would be taken to good private hospitals with adequate or even the best care they can get. This is because they can afford this. Unfortunately for most of us, poor black South Africans, we will get sick, be admitted to public hospitals and end up dying because we cannot afford private hospitals. 

Do not be mislead by rich people. As unemployed South Africans, we do not have the money to afford such health care services so putting your mask on is the way to go. Even if we are employed and can afford such medical services, let's avoid spreading the disease to others.

Do you think Rob is misleading people or is correct we must burn our masks and end the pandemic?

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