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OPINION| The Philosophical Rural Voters

03 November 2021

The peasants I met on my way to and from my rural voting station were concerned about the fact that they always respond to the call to vote but the situation is not improving, the roads are bad and water is brought by a tanker only once every few months. Further probing revealed that they think the act of voting is the magic wand which ought to ensure there is service delivery. Of course, to them, voting means voting for the ANC. When I suggested it might be a good idea to change who they vote for an old man responded philosophicallyA child can be adopted by a different family and adapt easily to a new clan name and different customs, but it is difficult and almost impossible for an old man to change his clan name even if his clan is infested with witches. One has a moral obligation to support the infirm, the paraplegics and, indeed, even the lunatics of one’s own clan. It is an abomination to regard such problems as a curse. There is no clan which does not have its own problems of old people who were voting for the wheel and spear are no longer alive. We are left with people who are slowly realising that grant money is not ANC money. We hope as power is slipping from the ANC's grasp, they won't become dictatorial and brutal like what happens in many African countries, to say it better I will have to mention Zimbabwe, they think they own the country and treat those who see their looting as a threat. Votes in Northern KZN has always been on tribal grounds, IFP members have gone home after their home boy lost power, they will come back again when one of their own is in power again

Well I know when I have lost an argument.

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