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Here is the reason of Hashtag #ForeignersMustLeaveSA

Here is the reason of Hashtag #ForeignersMustLeaveSA


This issue has long been discussed and will only be resolved by deportations of foreign nationals #Hillbrow. Depressing hashtag trending in South Africa today: #ForeignersMustleaveSA.

Bongani Nkongi Deputy Minister Police revealed that there are 80% of foreigners dominating in South Africa. It has been a debate that you never find South Africans dominating in other country. But here in South Africa foreigners are taking place more special in Hillbrow. Hillbrow has been in twitter lately with hashtag. The Deputy Minister of Police also stated if the country could be surrounded by 80% of foreigners it means the future President of the country could be foreigners.

Foreigners are overpowering South Africans, they will end up having a say in their own country. Even police protect foreigners more than their own citizens ‘tax payer.

I understand putting south africa first but they are just being unnecessary now, with #ForeignersMustleaveSA! A bunch of lazy men depressed and blaming everyone but themselves for thier own situations... Is there everyone in support of this shit..

South African want foreigners to go back to their country because they feel threatens when it comes to jobs. SA are too soft as SA have tolerated and normalized Hilbrow, Sunnyside and other hijacked parts of the cities. However, they can't reverse this in a day or two

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