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EFF Julius malema made waves online after refusing to allow this happen.

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The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Sello Malema, has made it clear that the party will never tolerate gender-based violence. However, if things go badly for the party, this will put the leaders' faith to the test. 

Following Hillary's death, the leader of the economic freedom fighters stated that the fighters will take matters into their own hands to ensure that Hillary's murderers are apprehended. 

The economic freedom fighters also made it apparent that their purpose to raise membership is clearly working for them; Malema did not disguise the fact that membership is now increasing; he stated that the membership vision is around 600,000, but they are striving for one million. 

They believe that by believing in themselves and focusing on their goals, they will be able to grow the number of economic freedom warriors. 

This is great news for the economic freedom warriors and the party's success, but it's also true that good news comes with terrible news. 

The bad news is that top members of the Ekhuruleni Economic Freedom Fighters have been accused of selling land and beating a pregnant woman. 

This could have an impact on the economic freedom warriors, as their goal is to avoid a negative image in society and to project a positive image throughout South Africa in order to exert influence over important provinces. 

It is evident that this will not be simple, as the economic freedom activists' top officials are now facing obstacles. 

If top officials of the Economic Freedom Fighters genuinely attacked a pregnant woman while simultaneously selling land, President Julius Sello Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters will undoubtedly show them the door. 

Malema has worked hard to develop the economic freedom fighters, and he will not let officials to make deals that will harm the economic freedom fighters' image. 

This might go wrong, and it will be interesting to see what happens next. 

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