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Homeground Covid-19 Vaccine Abondoned After People Falsely Tested HIV Positive


Australia has abandoned it's Covid Vaccine after some people falsely tested HIV positive. According to, Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, says that Australian researchers are abondoning their vaccine due to the false HIV results.

He added that the Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine will not be rushed to, because the government wants to be certain about the product before it is given to the public.

"We want to ensure that Australians and I think all of us feel very strongly this way, have absolute full confidence that when it gets the tick, they can get the jab. They can make that decision for themselves and for their families confidently."- Scott Morrison

Pfitzer and BioNTech have jointly produced a covid-19 vaccine but the vaccine awaits approval, and the Australian government hopes that it will be given a green light by late January, 2021. also reports that Australia has a contract for 10 million dozes with Pfitzer, and are allowed to buy more for its 26 million citizens should supplies be sufficient.

The positive HIV result comes from a protein in the state vaccine supplied by the University of Queensland estate, which was to be manufactured at Australian biopharmaceutical company CSL's Melboure headquarters.

At phase one trials, the vaccine suggested to be safe and effective to Covid-19, however, researchers and the government agreed it was to be discontinued due to the false positive HIV result.

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