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Road Accident

Look What Was Written on Joildee Matongo's Tombstone That Left South Africa Speechless /Opinion


Just a few days ago news broke that newly elected Joburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo had died in a tragic car accident .They were coming from a full day of campaigning with Cyril Ramaphosa at Soweto and adressing the needs of the people .His death still doesnt make sense until today and people suspect foul play .

After he was elected as the Mayor a lot of people has so much to say about his his father being a Zimbabwean .They also implied that he was a Zimbabwean and should not be occupying the position of Mayor .Jolidee mother was a South African and that qualified him to be a South African citizen also .Its a pity most South Africans never saw it that way.

Matongo was buried today in a heatbreaking ceremony as we watched his wife and children break down in tears to have lost their father.His Tombstone unveiling was also done today and we noticed something strange on his tombstone .See the picture below.

In the tombstone it was written "son of late Edward Matongo , A Zimbabwean Migrant " .This shows that the issue of Matongos father being a Zimbabwean really touched that family .But they wanted to make sure that even at his death South Africans know he was a son of a Zimbabwean migrant and Matongo was very proud of it .

The way South Africans treat Foreigners and people born by foreigners is really not okay .The hate that Jolidee received was not human at all and its possible that his death was not an accident at all.

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