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White Man Reveals The Person who killed Chris Hani and Why he was Killed :See here

Chris Hani, a political figure and freedom warrior, was assassinated several years ago today. His assassination took place in 1993. No one has been held accountable for his death up until this point. There have been speculations that he was assassinated because he discovered information on a certain top ANC politician that he was not supposed to know about.

Black people were given the option to engage in dialogue with white people on social media, in which they inquired about the land and when it would be returned.

Please see the section below.

A white man answered by stating that they would not be giving the land to the black people because they had purchased the land as well as the black people.

It's not as if they acquired it for no charge.

In addition, the speaker stated that black people should inquire of Nelson Mandela about the land.

When South Africa gained freedom, the land and economy were supposed to be restored to the black people, and discussions about this had been going on for years before the country became independent. However, when we finally achieved independence, we were not granted any land or other resources. According to the white man, Nelson Mandela sold the land to the De Beers and Rupert families for a sum of money. As soon as Chris Hani found out about this, he was slain before he could speak out against it. He has the potential to sabotage Mandela's entire strategic plan. As a result, he was killed.

We now understand why Nelson Mandela was so adamant about the establishment of the so-called Rainbow nation.

In part because he had sold Black people and given their land to white people, and the irony is that black people hailed him as a hero for his actions.

This man is the reason why we are suffering today and why black people are forced to live in squatter camps because they do not have enough land on which to build their own homes.

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