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Nkandla Residence Tired Of ANC & Zuma as They Cast Their Votes For IFP

ANC loses Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla Ward to IFP, this is something that is completely unacceptable, and of course some of us who are very analytical and observant to the incidences that are happening in the country realize that the people are fed up with the African National Congress.

They were further given the bad end of the deal and that is the plain truth or anything else would be complete false, the reality hit when the president of this country at the time - Jacob Zuma. Someone who came from his village but failed to bring any kind of progress to their village, that is when they realized that the ANC will never do anything for them and they have changed their party.

Nkandla Local Municipality was in the hands of the ANC but, IFP snatched the prized ward 1. This is very interesting if you are not someone who is very gullible and believes whatever they see on the media, what we see here are facts - statistics showing that the people of Nkandla are really fed up with the Zumas and the ANC.

The ANC members don’t see that most people are just preoccupied with their own lives and they want a great future but at the hands of the African National Congress it is not going to happen, the same people where the former president comes from turned against him and they voted for a different party.

This is after realizing that the ANC will never do anything for them what about the other municipalities and provinces which are still voting for the ANC, when will they realize that it is not going to do anything for them.

Jacob Zuma said he was confident the ANC would win the municipality.

“Why not (win the municipality)? What can stop us? We would not be doing it for the first (time). We will win again, no matter what.” That’s what he said.

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