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" Undocumented Zimbabweans are ready to destroy SA. What were they planning to do with these in SA "

Resentment felt by South Africans towards Zimbabweans is understandable. These international guests are up to naught good. As soon as they land in South Africa, they begin wreaking havoc on the country's infrastructure, stealing and hijacking vehicles, and committing robberies and murders. South Africans aren't happy about it since they suffer enormous financial losses whenever Zimbabweans go on strike.

South Africa's permanent residents want all foreigners to return to their home countries, even though not all of them are evil. Does it seem reasonable to you?

It's obvious that Zimbabweans living in South Africa illegally are free to come and go as they like. There are millions of them in South Africa, so the fact that the majority are already behind bars doesn't make a dent.

The EMPD caught three Zimbabweans, including a woman, trying to leave Benoni. The EMPD reportedly told them to pull over, but they ignored them. A high-speed chase ensued as a result. Thankfully, they were able to crash into a barrier after losing control of their vehicle. They then attempted to flee on foot, but the police were able to outmaneuver them. They were discovered to be carrying explosives and blasting cartridges in their vehicle.

The suspect is a young woman of about 20 years of age. They'll be filing immigration violations charges against all three of them.

In South Africa, many Zimbabweans are forced to live on the fringes of society out of fear of being deported back to their struggling home country. South Africa's immigration policy has been a contentious political topic for decades. Since the end of apartheid, the country has become a favorite destination for migrants from all across Africa due to its relative riches, strong industry, and expansive legal rights for foreigners, at least on paper.

As of now, more migrants call this country their home than than any other in Africa. To some extent, that may be the sole cause of South Africa's high crime rate. Foreign nationals without valid or any passports mistakenly believe they may commit any crime and get away with it.


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