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John Steenhiusen| Let us replace the corrupt with the capable, and desperation with hope

Dear Mr DA As the self-proclaimed opposition in this country, exactly what have you done to reduce the discriminatory laws that negatively affect we minorities? 27 years and we're still waiting. Personally I think you just need a way to the highest seat like any other politician

You need to get more penetrarion. It's resolutely unfathomable that the DA has made so little progress eating away the majority while allowing the EFF to build a voice. How will you go down in history? If the history books were closed today there might be a footnote that said: "despite overwhelming evidence over a decade of wholesale looting and state capture by the ANC the DA failed to build a significant opposition. You're the leader of the DA, what say you Mr. Steenhuizen? Get good or get out? And allow somebody else to take up the mantle. It's been so very long and we are tired, sad and desperate

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DA John Steenhiusen| Steenhuizen


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