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Ruhanya has political ambitions and intends on securing an MDC Alliance ticket to parliament in 2023


Pedzisai Ruhanya has political ambitions and intends on securing an MDC Alliance, ticket to parliament in 2023His strategy is simple and centred around Douglas Mwonzora. If he can abusively troll and harass Mwonzora every single day, it puts him in good stead with the Chamisalites. Add some praise singing to the dough and all he has to do is heat up the oven and wait. The inventor of this type of filthy politics is non other than Musorobhangu Jonathan Moyo, who never missed a chance to appear on Ztv, ranting and raving about how Morgan Tsvangirai was

The biggest traitor in the history of Zimbabwe, who was hell bent on selling Zimbabwe" He was called puppet, sell out, and other demeaning things that have been copied and pasted into the MDC Alliance's playbookSo yesterday Mwonzora decided, in jest, to respond to Ruhanya. He put it to Ruhanya that he was stuck in polytechnic student type of politics. The tweet which was aimed at and struck Ruhanya, was then weaponized and turned on him by those who already harboured hatred against Mwonzora, to the delight of Ruhanya. It was taken to mean something elseJust because you have a piece of paper that says you are some PhD does not make you smart or wise. Ruhanyas sad attempt at climbing to political office via Mwonzora is dumb and shows his lack of ideas and fakeness. The daily trolling is itself sick and borders on obsessive compulsive disorder. You might need to see a psychiatrist there Ruhanya and get medication

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