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“Shameful” Here's what Mzansi spotted Cyril Ramaphosa doing

As we all know that the upcoming elections are closer than we think, and ANC isn't willing to lose the elections by a slight chance.

Cyril Ramaphosa said that there political party is looking for an 80% win on the next election and he wasn't joking.

Now, in a desperate attempt to get votes, he has started going to people's houses in the morning. Hoping that he can sell face to the public, and appear as caring for his country to get votes up.

For him to go to this woman's house in the morning, exclaims ‘I have reached my limit, now this is my last strategy to remain in power’ to South Africans.

Ramaphosa went and visited this house – while the lady wasn't even awake yet. In order to cover up the bedroom mess with a towel with his face on it.

Ramaphosa fishing for votes by visiting people's houses.

On the post, Mbalula claims that the ANC is the last hope of the people. To which, a lot of South Africans heavily disagree upon claiming that he is merely fishing for votes.

South Africans jumped in and saw this as shameful and disgraceful to the last bit.

“ANC is playing with people”, one said with the other one adding confluence by sharing the fact that Fikile Mbalula is celebrating nonsense.

People are waiting for service delivery that was promised years ago, to the point that they now see that only political giants are benefiting only.

One hilariously said that they love our mothers and grandmothers when it is only time to vote, they even resort to calling them ‘crushes’. Although, when it comes to money related issues they're being ignored.

However, this is merely a ploy to get people voting and active in the next election.

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