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Not Again || Is The $750 Million To Cover Ramaphosa’s NEC Campaign?

Corruption within the ANC has been made a norm, corruption is the middle name of the ANC where tenders gets issued and now work gets done, if any work gets done it will be of poor quality since there is a huge amount of corruption within the comrades of the ANC. Cyril Ramaphosa vowed to diffuse and get rid of the corrupt politicians however that is not working since all of the corrupt politicians are still occupying the highest positions within the ANC. One the of the beneficiary of the first R500 million was the President’s spokesperson who then got suspended but got reinstated afterwards with no further investigations against her, so much of the new dawn which still has the same caliber of looting funds.

Of recent South Africa got granted the loan money of $750 million from the world bank to help with all Covid-19 related issues. The other Covid-19 related money that was issued to the ANC ended up being looted by the ANC comrades and did not deliver any quality services. The tenders that were issued were issued to the relatives of the ANC members, that then raised a lot of questions and quarrel from the citizens of South Africa who were then concerned with the outcomes of the New Dawn that the President of South Africa promised but yet still looting never stopped. According to the insight factor,”The World Bank has approved a $750 Million loan to SA to help deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Previously, The South African government squandered R500 Billion which was meant to be used for the stimulus package & Covid-19 relief funds.”.

Some people are then raising concerns that the timing of the money is too suspicious since Cyril Ramaphosa is looking for funds to finance his CR22 campaign,”Billions for CR22 Campaign, If you are in Cyril side you are sorted , ANC branches in the next 3 months will recieve money to campaign for CR22 just like they did with CR17”.

The ANC has lost it’s credibility within the South African citizens, they are not trusting towards the ANC since the ANC has done nothing good since they came into power. “Lol Ramaphosa administration is weird, they implemented austerity measures then borrow foreign denominated currency to help with Covid crisis in the country; the same crisis they created with those stupid lockdowns”.

A lot of questions are raised regarding the loan that the ANC has taken, one tweep tweeted,”Why would you borrow a foreign denominated currency when you won't use it for any foreign transactions? South Africa has a reserve bank that's capable of doing what IMF is doing, worse part is that SA has a stable foreign reserves”.

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