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Jacob Zuma Living A Soft Life After Prison

Jacob Zuma Living A Soft Life After prison

Date: 2021/10/18

The former President Jacob Zuma was pictured having nice life problems at a casino in Durban after he was released on medical Parole, it seems like he is not under house arrest anymore. He seems like he is living a soft life

Mr. Zuma does exactly what he wanted whenever he feels like it, people want to be in his shoes and learn from him, but unfortunately, he is old and he has limited time on this earth, so whoever is in his presence right now is a very blessed person, because they only make one of those in a lifetime, and we might never see someone who is this strong ever again.

The Former president has done all the necessary tricks to stay one step ahead of the law every time, since this medical parole he may never be trialed ever again, even for his other pending cases of the arms deal when he was Kwa Zulu natal MEC. Now the problem is his children if he will make enough connections that they are well-taken care of after he is dead because that will not fly with the next president who just wants to see the entire Zuma clan broken.

Jacob and went through the law multiple times, and he just keeps on winning every time, no matter which side they try to break him on he keeps winning, no one has a longer winning streak as he does, the English people do not like him because he has Shaka Zulu’s tendencies, he is military-minded, he knows that his purpose is to fight in this life so he keeps fighting and every time the opponents keep on running out of options when they think they caught him that is when he escapes every time, this shows that they need to try harder to get to him. 


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