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OPINION| Motsoaledi must find an alternative way to document everyone in the country

Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi on court action launched by the Helen Suzman foundation on the decision not to extend ZEP, maybe some NGO's have resorted using the courts to overthrow the decisions of the elected government by pushing narrow agenda in the name of national interests, how is having Zimbabweans here our interests while many of our people also suffers the same way who must come first between a South African and a Zimbabwean, how must SA government continues to support Zimbabwe why they dont rebuild their country and who will rebuild it for them while they all running to SA?

But Motsoaledi is not going to win this case because Zimbabweans are not only immigrants in this country the court will take as if he was influenced by hatred when terminating Zimbabwean extension permits, they are crying about undocumented people that is going to add more number there will be more undocumented people here because at the end they will stay, truth must be told how many are you going to deport a day and how many will come back from that same trip, how much is it going to cost for deport them all ? The solution to criminality is to find an alternative to document everyone in the country failure to do so the minister will be encouraging massive crisis whether the documents are rejected or not, people will always find ways to survive you can always deport people but either way the fingers will be pointed for waste of taxpayers money, Motsoaledi is now like a danger to the South African society he should use logic and superior reasoning as a minister this rant is uncalled for and dangerous, he is trying to pit South Africans versus Zimbabweans which can lead to unwarranted violence or xenophobia. Does he not trust the courts if he says he is not going to waste state resources what other alternative is there to court, he could have opted for a better way to settle this after all the documented Zimbabweans is only 178 000 compared to millions who don't hold any document, come on minister you can do better than this

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