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ANC mayor in Johannesburg is illegal.

Appointment of Dadamoreros as Mayor Candidate on Board-Johannesburg ANC

A letter to ANC Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte argues that the nomination of Dadamoreros as a candidate for The author's letter states that the meeting in which Morero was nominated was partial. The Johannesburg ANC said the claim was a lie. The Johannesburg ANC argued that it was illegal to appoint regional secretary Dadamorero as a candidate for the mayor of Johannesburg.

A letter to ANC Secretary-General Jessie Duarte, dated 13 November, alleges that ANC's Johannesburg Regional Executive Committee (REC) acted illegally when it nominated Morero as a candidate for mayor.

Morero is one of three people interviewed by ANC for the post of Mayor of Johannesburg. Other candidates include Mpho Moerane and Eunice Mgcina.

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Onica Maphisa, the author of the letter and a member of the Johannesburg branch of ANC, has filed extensive accusations against ANC's Johannesburg REC.

Mafisa claims that the REC session in which Morero was nominated was a faction and promoted personal interests.

In addition, under the ANC Constitution, it claims that the appointment of full-time incumbents is illegal.

Johannesburg REC faction

Another pillar of Maphisas' claim concerns the functioning of Johannesburg RECANC.

She claims that REC has not had regular meetings for the past two years, and if so, it is violated by internal conflict. The same complaint has been made to the Houten ANC (PUK) State Executive Committee.

Maphisa claims that the regional branches are weak and divided according to faction lines.

He threatened to take legal action if ANC's National Executive Committee did not listen to his request and disbanded ANC's Houten PUK and Johannesburg REC.

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In response to the Mafisus letter, ANC wrote a letter against the request in Zone 5 of Johannesburg. The letter's author, Fido Tage, said Mafisa was not part of the REC meeting in which Morero was elected mayoral candidate.

Mr Taj said the Mapisas letter has no legal basis and should be ignored.

Mpho Moerane

Mpho Moerane. Morero was also eligible for nomination, Taj added.

"We are optimistic and short-sighted by those who want to undermine this process and divide our stable region by conducting well-calculated and funded promotional campaigns against our regional scribes. I hate my efforts, "Thage wrote to Duarte and Gauteng Secretary. Jacob Kawe. Letter full of lies

Sasabona Manganye, an ANC regional spokesman for Johannesburg, told News24 that Maphisas' claims were unfounded.

"The letter is full of lies. The problem she is talking about in the letter is related to the functioning of REC. She is not a member of REC. These are lies," Manganier told News24. He said the leadership role of Moreros is not unique.

Manganye added that both Moerane and Mgcina are in the leadership position of the region, so the claim that their nomination is unconstitutional has no legal value in the ANC.


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