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“Whoever Has More Money to Bribe the Delegates Will Win” — ANC Veteran on ANCGP Conference

A veteran ANC member, Omry Makgoale has said that the ANC Gauteng province conference is all about money. He said that anyone among the candidates who have more money to bribe will win the election. He made it known that ANC Gauteng Province election Between Lesufi and Maile, is going to be about whoever has more money to bribe the delegates.

Omry Makgoale says that there is no strategy. Lesufi and Maile were in charge when the rail was destroyed, cables ripped. He noted that the duo are not even fit, disclosing that it is going to be a show of whoever has the greatest wealth to buy the delegates votes. An extract of the interview was posted by Izwe Lethu on his official Twitter handle. He decried the increasing rate of bribery in ANC confidences, and he did not hold back anything. He is just a few among ANC members who can spot out things that are going wrong in the party.

In an extract of the interview posted by Izwe Lethu, the conversation between Omry Makgoale and the journalist goes thus, “Omry Makgoale (ANC Veteran):

#ANCGP Between Lesufi & Maile, whoever has more money to bribe the delegates will win.


It sounds crude! ANC strategy to claw back support?

Omry Makgoale:

No strategy. Lesufi & Maile were in charge when rail was destroyed, cables ripped”.

The battle is still raging on. Gauteng province is one of the most strategic provinces for the ANC, and they cannot afford to make mistake here. Many people have crossed their arms and watching as events unfold. The conference is still ongoing, however, the issue of credentials is still lingering on. They are back from break.

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