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OPINION| A bad road found in Zimbabwe from Plumtree to Maitengwe boarder

This is in Bulilima West in Matebeleland, it is a ZANUPF constituency this is the Plumtree to Maitengwe boarder road, these are the direct consequences of the looting of public funds by ZANUPF and its surrogates like Kuda Tagwirei. Zimbabwe is wealthy, but the natural resources are being plundered daily by ZANUPF folks. Unless the young people of this country wake up and start registering to vote, nothing will change, running away to other countries will never solve this too. Young people must register to vote and actually vote and protect their vote, this is what young people did in Zambia why young people, because they are the majority ZANUPF will never stop looting

ZANU PF ruined everything I miss I an Smith, we were hood winked by ZANU PF to support them to overthrow the best regime which ever ruled Zimbabwe, sorry Rhodesia. OPINION We tried to remove them as way back as 2000 and nothing has ever materialized, rigging after rigging and you all know that nobody installed them, they installed themselves using military power

People of Matebeleland are marginalised by ZANU pf we have Gwanda district councils which is runned by ZANU pf its not a MDC council, it was won by ZANU pf but it is poorest council no water, sewages ar3 blocked. People use bush toilet Deep down in rural areas people share drinking water with animals and dust road same schools have water even in same clinics. Exactly comrade, president Hakainde Hichilema got into office under difficult circumstances in which youth power played a pivotal role in ending the dictatorship which was spear headed by Ugandan dictator. Staying away is allowing dictatorship to continue, therefore I urge all Zimbabweans to register and vote in large numbers as you secure the future of your great grand children

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