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Mzanzi Is Enraged After Seing What’s Written On Jolidee Matongo’s Grave. See What they Wrote


The bible says, "One day angels shall fly from the south to the east, raising all the dead people, and death shall no longer be proud". Although this is a promise from the almighty, we all can not bear the pain of losing our loved ones. Although it is promised that one day we will meet them again with eternal life, losing them now hurts so deeply. To all those who have lost their loved ones, stay strong, for the time will arrive when death will not be proud.



The city of Joburg has suffered a great loss with the passing of Jodilee Matongo in Finetown. Jodilee was one of the majors that was loved and respected by many people for his passion and love of serving the public. His death came as a shock to many and left many hearts closed.


Not only his family suffered a loss, even the African National Congress lost one of the people who will never be replaced. He was loved and followed by many for his political leadership.


However, Jodilee Matongo was sent to his final resting in a fancy and dignified funeral service. Many comrades attended his funeral to say their last goodbyes and send condolences to his family.

Even the President himself attended the funeral. Those who couldn’t attend due to COVID-19 regulations, were able to watch the whole movie service online as it was being streamed. See some photos of his funeral that were posted online by the JMPD below:



They say after the funeral it is taboo to talk about the bad or inappropriate things that happened at the funeral, but Mzanzi couldn’t take it anymore as there was something disturbing written on the tombstone. After the photos of the tombstone were posted, Mzanzi became concerned about what was written on it. It is written "a migrant from Zimbabwe"


 Was it really necessary to write that he is from Zimbabwe on his grave? Leave your comments below.

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