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OPINION | Lungisa Has Thrown Shade At Thabo Mbeki Whom He Blames Everyone Else Except Himself

Andile Lungisa, an ANC comrade and former president Jacob Zuma's business partner, has slung mud at former president Thabo Mbeki, whom he claims blames everyone but himself.

Two external power camps, the Zuma and Mbeki forces to be reckoned with, are expected to aid factionalism within the African National Congress (ANC).

While RET authorities continue to advance toward the Nkandla mansion for political discussions, a handful of Thabo Mbeki's associates, particularly those from the ANC Youth Task Team, continue to approach.

Mbeki frequently emphasizes in his speeches that ANC rebels must be expelled and that the organization must restore itself and begin recruiting quality personnel.

Andile Lungisa maintains, however, that Mbeki has never accepted responsibility, instead criticizing everyone else but himself.

"I wish I could be like President Mbeki and blame everyone but myself for South Africa's problems," remarked Lungisa.

Other friends who could also do without Thabo Mbeki's words argued that the former president should portray himself as the rescuer and trash others.

"Mbeki believes he is South Africa's political savior. When we remind him of his wife's wealth, her proximity to white capital, and the fact that she is also quite wealthy, he will stop repeating this deceitful mantra "a few companions expressed.

What Mbeki is doing is not an exception within the ANC, as former president Jacob Zuma is doing the same thing; he blames the courts, white-restricting infrastructure capital, and scarcely accepts where he went wrong.

It appears that ANC buddies are aware of the situation; nonetheless, they blame everyone else but themselves. After 28 years in power, they blame politically sanctioned racial segregation for the failure to improve the lives of the dark majority.

In any case, when friends steal from public assets, the situation often manages to deviate and blame something else.

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