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Jacob Zuma to Address The Nation Tomorrow, Will he Expose the person who killed Chris Hani?

Many people are excited and they cannot wait for the Former African National Congress and former South African President Jacob Zuma to address the Nation, rumours from social media on twitter has surfaced that Zuma should expose the ANC members who have sold him out and most importantly that he should expose the person who killed Chris Hani and this is according to the source below 👇

According to the source or link below 👇, the amabutho warriors were spotted on camera and it was confirmed by News24 that they have also joined the protest against Jacob Zuma's arrest and you can take a look at the picture below showing the Warriors 👇.

Zuma will address South Africans on Sunday 04 July 2021, and it seems like it might be his last day of freedom because he was given 5 days to hand himself over to prison after being sentenced for 15 Months imprisonment. The location and time of the address has not yet been revealed but the media has already been invited and it is indeed confirmed that it will take place in Durban and this is according to the source below 👇

From my own point of view or rather say in my own opinion, i think whatever that is happening currently in South Africa regarding politics indeed it is a joke. I mean how can you be sentenced in count yet go back to your home and not go to jail instead? How can you address the Nation while you're convicted?

Does it really make sense though because according to my knowledge i think if you're sentenced you're suppose to go to jail right after the court is adjourned, anyway feel free to comment below and tell us what are your thoughts regarding this matter. And also don't forget to follow up this account for more information, fast news, daily news, live updates, funny and interesting stories happening all around the world from real sources and not fake.

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