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OPINION They Support the Ruling Party But Their Faces Tells the Different Story

You can see poverty, suffering and pain written all over their faces, they too are victims of ZANUPF corrupt rule underpinned by the looting of public funds, the plunder of the nation’s natural resources and grand incompetence, men driving cars worth millions of dollars have them under lockdown with lies

Their children are schooling abroad and yours are walking 15km a day and they tell you to blame sanctions. Usually they are bused from far, with little or no food and sometimes left stranded after the rally, hunger is written all over their faces and its clear they were forced to be hereAnd the other thing is because they are scared, if they dont attend these rallies they get threatened so the have no choice but to attend and be sleeping like this, politics must not be a forcing game but citizens must be free to attende where they want like in South Africa

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