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Mzansi :Nhlanhla Lux Exposed For Wanting To Be Popular See Here

Nhlanhla you are a lightie being used by your political handlers, you admitted you work with ministers on live TV.

You are not a revolutionary, you are not a visionary, and your whole brand is built on hate.Your operation is a dangerous distraction that solves nothing.

Many people were shocked by the findings that an African person can stay in hate another african person the board is that the operation Dudula are saying that they must be traumatized will not made by Africans.

And if we are following history of those Boaders it was just a tool used to further colonized the African people and where the African people are n denouncing them it is in their right to do so.

Because you cannot claim that revolution has happen and you still continue using method which the colonizer used to use upon you to colonize you.

Below are comment made by people.

You are a distraction. A Will Smith slap in the middle of a war in Europe.

My focus is on the real causes of our problems in SA, the ANC govt that has underdeveloped and looted SA for 28 years.

My focus is on fixing education, entrepreneurship and supporting small business.

Nhlanlha should ignore u. Y'all have been bickering for yrs without progress. Here's a young man who listens to communities & tries to help (not before elections), but you're already badmouthing him? Where has he incited hate? Even YOU are welcome to work with him. Le jelas Musi.

How is he Helping. Other countries in Africa are building Inter country trains, they are opening borders to small medium inter country business. They are issuing free visa access in order to tap into the tourist industry.

Nhlanhla Lux actions are wiping that economic potential


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