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Find out about the first Chinese minister

“I started organising and coordinating functions in the Chinese community because there was a need. We always want people to come into our community and learn about our culture and I’m always willing to learn about other people’s cultures and way of life,” she said .

Social media took to a storm after Jian-ling Wu, an ANC Ward 118 candidate’s picture was uploaded on Facebook’s ANC Joburg Region page. Facebookers were intrigued by the young Chinese woman and what she has to offer.

Born in Jilin, China, she moved to South Africa 20 years ago with her family, after her husband got a job in South Africa.

Through the years she saw the need to help her community since she had the resources

community matters by making donations to schools, old age homes and assisting the underprivileged where she could.

Jenny is working with a business forum in assisting South African business groups to visit China and to do business with potential Chinese partners.

She is also involved in Chinese Community Police Forum and she said this was close to her heart because as a mother, safety is always a concern.

Perhaps her passion for her community and drive made her see the need to further develop her community, and decide to join the ANC and become a ward candidate.


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