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ActionSA and the DA stand a good chance of beating the ANC if they pay coordinators a stipend


ActionSA and the DA stand a good chance of beating the ANC if they pay coordinators a stipend, at least at regional and municipal levels the ANC survives through incumbency and patronage although there are no salaries for branch executives, there are financial incentives and rewards such as jobs, at least, which are becoming increasingly crucial in this deteriorating jobs situation the opposition needs to match the ANC in the financial stakes The days of principled volunteering are endangered given the moral shift because of individualism and declining social capital, while the black middle class remains the core constituency for all four parties, the economic crisis is having a deleterious effect on both personal finances and party growth this is going to have a knock on effect on election campaigning and membership growth, you will have to dig deeper into your purse to contribute to the changes you want to see that is the way it is, it's called realityThe charisma of principal leaders has a short lifespan but money buys the bread no modern leader of the democratic world won elections with charisma alone. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Blair, Cameron, Mandela, Mbeki, Zuma and others it's nor only the t/shirt, history or policies it is the paid staff that make the difference between victory and loss all parties in these jurisdictions invest heavily in recruitment and remuneration, that is the reason the margin between the cons and labour, and between Biden and Trump is small election is an industry

A professional party must invest both in people as well as campaign machine you pay peanuts you should expect monkey results, a professional party needs fulltime professionals and operational staff, marketing and advertising and these are not free volunteers need stipends and food and transport and again this is not a guerilla fight. It is a long term transformation process in which competitiveness makes the difference between success and failure. My take is that the two parties are joined at the hip there is no running away from the relationship because South Africa needs them to work together, perhaps the development will cause a cross pollination of values and strategic thinking

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