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The very same Man who prophesied Shona Ferguson death said this about Zuma. Check here

Shona Ferguson's assassin has unearthed alarming information about Zuma's whereabouts.

Zuma's health is on our minds and in our prayers.

Former President Jacob Zuma is currently being investigated at the Military Medical Institution.

This is the same man who warned Connie Ferguson that her husband's life is in jeopardy and that there is a possibility of sorrow and tears ahead, and who revealed some alarming facts about Former President Jacob Zuma, who is currently ill.

As previously stated, this man, who goes by the handle Rhadebelihle on social media, tweeted a thread to Connie earlier this year informing her that her husband, Shona, was slipping and that she or he needed to get up and perform a small motion to save his life. He detailed what he saw in his dream and attempted to contact Connie via Twitter. He even stated that he is using this technique to communicate with her because he believes he has no other option.

He even stated in part throughout the series of tweets that if Connie believes he is a con artist, she should seek advice from other conventional healers and take note if they are unable to replicate what he instructs her to do. He advised Connie to obtain standard homeowner's insurance for her residence, citing an impending threat.

At the time, some did not consider him extreme, as many believed he was simply a con artist taking risks, similar to other phony prophets, in order to score a quick buck with Connie.

Shona, who had been ill with Covid 19 complications, died early in the month, confronting him with reality and confirming his position.

Due to the sudden announcement of Shona's demise, the prophet retweeted his warning to Connie, apologizing and explaining that he intended for the prophet to be modified into a storage device capable of holding Shona. Regrettably, he attempted but was unable to store him because Connie ignored the tweet he sent out.

It is unclear whether Connie did so obliviously or if she had lost track of the tweet in any way. However, judging by her messages and speeches, it appears as though she has abandoned her view of traditional healers as a source of entertainment. However, his tweet proved to be genuine, as several people confirmed that they had seen it earlier in the day and as a result of the responses, it was no longer a hoax.

Now, this prophet has revealed some alarming and unexpected details about President Zuma, who is ill and receiving medical attention from authorities. According to a statement released by the Department of Corrections on Friday, uBaba was admitted to the Military health facility, which is located outside the Estcourt correctional facility, where he is currently serving a fifteen-month sentence.

The Department stated that after conducting their investigation, they determined that uBaba should be admitted to a medical facility, which they confirmed. His company, the JG Zuma Foundation, stated at the time that it was no longer a bad situation, but rather a routine checkup that had been scheduled in advance. However, the final phrase made us wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye, and if they are attempting to keep it hidden from the general public. The few remaining words in that sentence established that it was, in fact, an error.

The Foundation confirms, after consulting with a Correctional Services source, that President Zuma is undoubtedly in a hospital outside of the prison.

The 79-year-old ConCourt's first prisoner, who was imprisoned without a trial, is currently at the prison for his annual scientific checkup. We do not wish to alarm anyone. But.

They traveled to the United States and informed the President's family that he was still in a psychiatric facility and that they had requested prayers; this is precisely what the prophet Rhadebelihle stated when he stated that Msholozi must be saved through prayer.

@JGZ foundation

Respected Colleagues and Friends

Following numerous media inquiries about H.E. President Zuma's health, the Foundation wishes to inform the public that we are still awaiting a report from the president's doctors on his condition.

Keep an eye out for updates on the case's progress.

Kindly keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

According to the prophet, who has now tweeted his support for President Zuma, he should be saved in prayer.


Let us pray for Jacob Zuma in unison.

He is deserving of the best treatment possible in light of his service to the United States of America.


Lord, we pray for former President Jacob Zuma, who "deserves the maximum benefits for his service to the United States of America." AMEN.

According to the Correctional Services Department, a hospital is located outside the Estcourt prison, where former President Jacob Zuma is currently serving his sentence. Zuma is currently imprisoned in Estcourt.

Source Jacob Zuma hospitalised for 'medical observation' | News24

The very same Man who prophesied Shona Ferguson death said this about Zuma. Check here

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