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ANC Cde Is A Person Of Interest In Cyril's Alleged Robbery At PhalaPhala


President Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala Phala scandal has taken a different twist after it was revealed that deputy state security minister, Zizi Kodwa is a person of interest in the robbery estimated at $4 million which happened at the president's farm.

Kodwa, who is aligned to CR faction is one of the ANC comrades who are said to have hidden that crime happened at Cyril Ramaphosa's farm.

Critics however argue that this shows more ANC comrades might have known about this, and there is a possibility that they could have been paid off not to say anything about the issue as well.

Now that chickens are coming home to roost, many believe that it's only a matter of time before one of the comrades spill the beans on what really happened at Cyril Ramaphosa's farm which led to such huge amounts of money to end up being stashed under a mattress.

The mentioning of Zizi Kodwa as one of the ANC comrades who allegedly helped Ramaphosa to conceal the crime did not come as a surprise to many who opine that Zizi Kodwa has been associated with corruption and dodgy dealings before.

"When it comes to tenders and corruption he's always there, yet he still holds a very nice comfortable position,"

"That is why he was let of the hook after he admitted of taking dodgy monies...He apologised and we moved on like it was not a crime!...our head of intelligence! South Africa is a joke," some fumed.

It seem however that Phala Phala issue is not going away easily. Former prison boss, Arthur Fraser seem to have opened a can of worms and only time will tell who are the real people involved.

South Africans who are tired of these corruption cases being swept under the carpet said they will remain relentless in seeking answers despite the pushback, and also president Cyril Ramaphosa's attempt to evade accountability.

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