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Opinion||Did Zambians Motivate Zimbabweans For Good?

Zambians Are Leading The Way For Zimbabwe?

People are now looking forward to the Zimbabwean election which is coming around in 2023, however the question is, will Zimbabwe achieve the same taste created with Zambia?. We never know and the only way to find out is when the time comes.

Everyone wants a peacefull country with all smooth transitions, however are the citizens willing to work for the victory or folding their hands for a good stiff victory to come by?. Zimbabweans are well known for being the most intelligent people around the region, but it still returns to reality as myth judging with their ability of activiness when it comes to governing their country.

Some who believe in God like me, we say the Lord will choose a leader for us and whoever the Lord puts on the lead is the one made for us. What we only pray for as christians is a smooth transition of the process, although people might not open up to what they really need most of the times, the fact is if you do not participate in what you want to change then nothing is going to happen along your lines of choice.

Another thing we tend to overlook as Africans is we focus more on what we wish to have and forget that they are a lot of things that we already have. If we can work on improving what we already have it might prove to be a very good country to live in rather than look forward to what we have never anticipated.

Other educated folks will say everything happens for a reason, and that is very true in the context of what`s on the ground. What we might not be sure of is if that reason is good or a lesson. So let`s discuss the future f Zimbabwe in the comment section, this is the Society News Creator and we do not pass the judgement you do.

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