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Why Julius malema wants his lawyers to investigate anc big deal

the leader of the economic freedom fighters Julius Malema is to be the master tactician behind the African national congress loosing other key metros in other key province's.

The African national congress surprised many people who wAnted than to loose the most important economic hub the key hub of the economy.

Things are getting difficult for the African national congress as parties team up to see the downfall of the party, but what is more interesting Is to see the Democratic alliance selected mayor candidate Nicole Graham not getting a chance to be able to be the major of ethekweni.

All leader's of the democratic alliance who were there to vote suspected something wrong about the African national congress, they have suspected the African national congress having the master plan to be able to win the votes at the ethekweni major hub.

According to how things stand the democratic alliance won all the metros who have issue's when it comes to financial side.

But the African national congress managed to win the biggest hub and the hub with the bigger budget, it looks like the African national congress was always chasing the metros with the bigger budget.

For Julius malema this was something he was not expecting he expected to see the African national congress Loosing all the metros.

Many suspects That the master plan of the African national congress involved many they suspect That the African national congress used many to win the votes.

Abc leader the man who changed the game for the African national congress

Julius malema the leader of the economic freedom fighters said That his lawyers Will look on the matter, but this was a big concern for smaller political parties who are with the African national congress they have mentioned that no amount of money will be able to buy them, they have mentioned that what is important for them is to be able to protect the lives of the people from the arrogancy of the democratic alliance.

Although many people suspect but many believe that it Is unfair for the African national congress, this is because the African national congress ddnt suspect the wins of your democratic alliance but people find it easy to suspect the wins of the African national congress.


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