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Nelson Chamisa's long-awaited "baby" has been born

Just to congratulate Nelson for finally heeding to long given advice that find a new party name, and get out of MDC Alliance which was never a political party from the word go. You can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people all the time, people who like and support him will always join him and fast. I trust that the new party will have a credible manifesto not copy and paste, but that which addresses the people's needs.

Thank you for listening Mr President however, l need some clarification regarding this is the name already registered with ZEC for participation in elections, why am I asking this is because days ago there was a party registered with similar name and will have the same initials CCC, will ZEC not take this opportunity to deny you the chance to register for elections I am just worried, anyone with information kindly clarify this issueThis is what was needed exactly on the right time, beat them whilst not expecting such to happen this is a very good move from the people's president, that MDC project had lost its relevance and was hijacked by Zanu Pf, no wonder all the circus that's been happening Munzwora and Khuphe are another of Zanu Pfs projects. Finally the long awaited baby has born no history or legacy inherited by this new baby people are all equal. I urge all citizens to play their part be focused citizens by register to vote and support this new baby, Citizens Coalition for Change

This fight is about the future of Zimbabweans and never about the name of Individuals or parties, imagine going to war to fight for a change of name only from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and everything stays the same. People know what's in their hearts, people know where they want to go and people will drive the revolution to the destination of their choice, let the game begins. Tough as it might have been moving from the traditional MDC name but the change of the name was long overdue, as the name had ceased to be everything that it was deemed to represent, good move Mr President

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