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Ex Chief Justice Mogoeng to join in the Presidential Race?

The former Chief Justice Mogoeng is rumored to be running for office, which raises the possibility of the formation of a new political party in the midst of ongoing preparations by ideological organizations for public choices scheduled for 2024.

This does not come as a surprise to a great number of people because the former Chief Justice had already stated that he will authoritatively enter the political sphere to run for office.

It is reported that Mogoeng's fellow members in the tight fraternity issued an order for him to run for the administration. The political climate in South Africa is going to be shaken up as a result of this progress.

These African church pioneers who back the former Chief Justice are also believed to have attempted to persuade President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down and brought up the subject of land acquisition at the same time. The last boss of equity completed his term under what some commentators have referred to as "indistinct conditions."

Many people who responded to the news that the previous boss equity will be running for administration said that he has a good chance of winning because he isn't clouded by any scandal and is regarded by others as an honorable man. They said this because he doesn't have an investigation hanging over his head.

"After giving our ballots to such a large number of different people, I think I'm finally ready to try somebody who's aware and still works.

He ought to give it a go like everyone else, but if he somehow occurred to ask some advice from people who had gone the same road, he would be discouraged from doing so "some remarked.

There is a possibility that the previous boss equity has certain deficiencies, such as his unwavering stance on religion. Pundits acknowledge that a large number of them are unable to refrain from contradicting him and may end up with another EFF.

"My primary concern regarding him is his adherence to strict devotion. In addition to that, I do not agree with his stance regarding Israel. He mirrors the second objective of the EFF, which is to unite the left, but the execution and decisions he makes are not quite accurate."

If Mogoeng decides to run for president, many people in South Africa have stated that they will give him a chance, just as they have done with previous candidates over the course of the country's history.


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