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AFRIKA is the name derived from the region of Lybia which Ancient Greeks called "IFRIKIYA"

Bantu Origins

Afrika is the name derived from the region of Lybia which Ancient Greeks called "Ifrikiya".

The origins of Bantu has been located in the Bal Al-Ghazal region, not far away from Bar Al-Jebel, east of Khodofa I'm Sudan.

The were referred as Bantu, because they refer a person as "motho, umuntu, umnutu, antu, nhu, muhnu, ndu, anhu, or something similarly ending with 'ntu, ndu or nhu sound in their more than 400 dialects.

Research carried out in recent years has, however, established that before the invasion of Arabic Muslims forces, there were Black Communities along the Mediterranean Coast right across today's Maghreb and Saghreb regions right up to the Red Sea. Some of those Black people called themselves "Banhu Hillal", whole others called themselves "Banhu Kutama".

Black people have been a part of Arabia and the Levant from time immemorial, having been forcefully taken to that region as Slaves from various Afrikan region first by Phoenicians, then by the Hellenes, then later by the Romans.

The Arabs have enslaved many larger numbers of Afrikans during the Islamisation of Various Eastern, Western, central and Northern regions of Afrika, following the conquest of Egypt by Muslims under the Command of one of the Generals of Mecca called Amr Ibn Al-as in 641 AD.

The full name of the country called Sudan was Billal Al Sudan ( The Land of the black people). This is where the Ancestors of Southern Eastern and Central Africans originate.


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