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Are they finally leaving? Look what Zims were spotted doing in Johannesburg

It's possible that some Zimbabweans have left the nation as a result of years of harassment at the hands of South Africans who saw them as competitors. There are many groups calling for Zimbabweans to be expelled and sent back to their homeland, including Operation Dudula and Put South Africa First.

Many instigators asserted that the high unemployment rates in the region were the result of Zimbabwean patriots taking advantage of the situation by consistently performing low-skilled jobs.

Reporters will shortly confirm the high demand for flights between Johannesburg and Harare on Newsroom Africa.

According to Newsroom Africa's inquiries, Godzilla Transport, one of the leading transportation companies in South Africa, does indeed reserve additional seats for Zimbabwean foreigners now residing in South Africa who are planning to return home. A rise in attacks on settlers over the past year prompted them to take this measure. Zimbabwe has just decided to repeal exemptions, which would affect certain international residents.

It is possible that a big number of Zimbabweans may leave the country around the end of 2022, when the "effortlessness era" of the ZEP will come to an end.


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