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Finally || Confirmed All Illegal Foreigners in South Africa to be deported to this Country.

08 December 2021

All these problems South Africa faces can be resolved. The country has huge potential: young population, one of the best geographical locations in the world, one of the best climates, natural resources, stable democratic institutions. Get rid of these villagers governing. This country is breathtaking. Everything looks perfect on the surface. When you go to rurals people are developing there's no scandals, but it is only in Gauteng where things look horrible. But other provinces are thriving. South Africa's first democratic President, Nelson Mandela, died on this day back in 2013. His country he left behind is a total mess - skyrocketing crime, skyrocketing unemployment, its people have become poorer, more people leaving, failed immigration system.

Most of these "Asylum seekers/Refugees" in South Africa are merely abusing South African country's Weak system. All ths African countries let themselves to be passage countries so South Africa becomes the receiving country of their failed states and offloading their burdens. According to Human Rights the First country you enter is supposed to host you, but in the case South African people pass through Kenya to South Africa, Kenya was long supposed to House Somalians/ Ethiopians instead pushing them to South Africa. The truth is it hurts but foreigners have to admit it. Foreigners in south africa the only benefit they have added to south africa is that they have made it a dump.

South Africa will deport all illegal migrants including from other nations to Kenya as part of a new deal that will relax the current strict Visa restrictions for Kenyans. President Uhuru is a very bad negotiator. Liberated South Africa has always had beef with Kenya, rightly so. Jomo Kenyatta and Moi did business with the apartheid government. When other countries were supporting Umkhonto we Sizwe, the ANC's military wing, they were cosy with their oppressors. Their visa rules are payback.

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