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Is Zimbabwe President Proud Seeing Zimbabweans Jumping Razors Border Wires into SA?- Man Asked

Is Zimbabwe President Proud Seeing Zimbabweans Jumping Razors Border Wires?

South African man who is feed up with the way most Zimbabweans are jeopardizing their Lives Crossing crocodile River, jumping razor wire border just to enter south Africa illegal has Allegedly broke silent on Twitter.

The south African man asked a question and he he demanded for answer why Zimbabweans are running from their country in expensive of their lives.

His questions was directed to Zimbabwe president who is not bothered seeing Zimbabweans risking their live just to enter south Africa illegally.

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According to him;

Looking at those pictures I'm asking myself is Zim president & govt proud of this.

seeing their citizens dragging themselves thru border fence holes jumping razor wires & crossing rivers with there a real govt in Zim..sad part many vote for them..Africans are dumb

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In your own perspective view what can you say to this matter, do you really think that Zimbabwe president is not concern about the well-being of his Citizens?

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