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Who Are These Men That Mandela Is In Meeting With?

A picture of Nelson Mandela with other 4 men has been on social media and people question who are those men that are with Nelson Mandela and what did those men do with Nelson Mandela.

The Men are the anti-apartheid activists and they may have helped Mandela fight against apartheid. The man on the far right is the former president of South Africa FW De Clerk who precided Nelson Mandela in 10 May 1994.

The precidency was latee succeeded by Thabo Mbeki after Nelson Mandela served only for 1 term. So the other men on the picture are not really that known and their names are not that big.

The meeting of this was definately in the 1990 after Nelson Mandela was released in prison. This meeting was important they even wearing suits.

What the meeting was about is unknown but people are sure that the meeting shaped a the state of the Country that we are in. Nelson Mandela and other political leaders shaped South Africa to be the South Africa we love.

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