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DA Joburg Mayor Wont Last Long In Her Position:See What She Is Doing to the People Of Soweto/Opinion


It has not been a month since DA Mpho Phalatse was appointed as the Mayor of Joburg as she is already making changes that are upsetting the people of Joburg especially from Soweto .They are promising her that she will be removed.

For the past days Soweto has been a dark city after electricity was cut off .Mayor Mpho says that they will not bring back electricity to Soweto because they are not paying for the electricity. Sowetons are angry and took to the streets to protest but so far nothing has changed.

Soweto is one place in SA where electricity is free .They do not pay for electricity at all because they use illegal connections.I honestly agree to with the Mayor Soweto must start paying for electricity. Nothing is for free in SA .If they dont want to pay they must leave them in the dark because people like them who dont want to pay for anything are exactly the reason why South Africa goes through load shedding .

If everyone in SA is paying for electricity they will be no load shedding.Soweto people are so angry that they are promising that Mayor Mpho will not last long in he position.People.from Soweto are they are so used to free things in this country to the extent that they will threaten someone who wants to fix the country.Luckily some can people still think and are supporting her see some of the comments below .

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