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Disappointment from ANC instead of giving us jobs and foods their giving us T-shirt


South Africa is counting down towards local government elections, the politicians are busy approaching residents' door to door so that they can vote for them, however some people already decided not to vote for any political parties, as we know that our political parties keep on telling people lies, Deputy President David Mabuza he is very busy in Kwazulu-Natal going door to door in Osozweni area, to convince people so that they must vote for African National Congress.  

We know it very well that our government officials keep on making empty promises to residents, even the president of Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa keep on promising people job opportunities, deputy president David Mabuza visit an old lady in Kwazulu-Natal the old lady was very happy to see ANC officials, the deputy president was trying to convince her so that she can vote for ANC to upcoming elections, unfortunately the old lady was complaining about the hunger she thought maybe David Mabuza brought her some food. 

Unfortunately David Mabuza brought her African National Congress T-shirt, how can you convince people who are suffering with simple t-shirts, our political parties remember us during elections only after elections people don't benefit anything, how can a rolling party convince people to vote for them when people are crying with jobs and food, we know it very well that since COVID-19 started some people lost their jobs during national lockdown, 

African National Congress is failing to solve corruption inside the cabinet, but they're expecting people to believe what they say, some people believe that there's no future to ANC voting for them is just putting food on the table, home many times ANC promising people jobs and other basic services, we must also think what would happen if SA residents decide not to vote for any political parties. 

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